Success is Together.

The Everyday Community is a concept surrounding the growth of people within specific communities of interest in active membership and contribution with the organization. Our foundation for future growth is to build communities through membership and services relevant to growing powerful business opportunity and dynamic social interaction on 3 key levels. These three key levels of community are identified as business development, social support with motivational challenge, and spiritual growth focused on a life of generosity.






The Community Brings...

We believe in successfully passing on what we know for the next generation. As we become more established and look for ways to invest and give back, the next generation entrepreneur will provide fresh thinking and we can provide them with valuable experience.


Every small business has their own unique story and journey; we are here to consult, support and walk with you in your opportunities for achieving growth and success.


We would love to see you at some of the workshops we host for your business needs in sales, marketing or business development. These workshops are there to benefit you, and can even be a refresher in your area of expertise.


Our community meets together twice a month for a general session, and then branches out into various connect groups for each member’s need that evening. You don’t have to be a member to see what we’re about!


We can provide valuable experience and resources from within the community itself. With our Mentor program we are able to bring forward powerful speakers and established people to bring concepts and strategies to the meeting in the mentor moment portion.



$100per month
$100per month
  • This is a basic membership plan with:
  • - Access to designated connect groups
  • - Discounted Member rates for Events
  • - Member Benefits Program Access


$200per month
$200per month
  • This membership includes all Adventurer level access and:
  • - Benefits Program access
  • - Cross Community participation
  • - 25% discount on all Everyday Coaching programs
  • - Coaching Direct program access


$300per month
$300per month
  • Includes all Adventurer & Navigator access & benefits and:
  • - Open access to all Everyday events, retreats, and workshops
  • - Member Benefits Program
  • - Coaching Direct program access

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