Ask a Business Coach

Ask a Business Coach:  What are the biggest obstacles for building my small business?

  1. Why a Coach?

A coach is an invaluable resource whether you are starting a business, taking on a family business with its problems, buying an existing enterprise or needing to develop problem solving skills. But hiring a coach isn’t a magic formula. It isn’t a coach’s job to give you the answers.

As coaches, we are here to test the abilities and design challenges for our clients.

The pain of challenges in your business is like going to the doctor after an injury. Your doctor pokes and prods, examining your wound before offering treatment. That examination and subsequent treatment of the wound is usually more painful than even the wound itself.

A coach’s focus is to establish proper goals for profitable progress and accountability. We do this in order for you our clients to develop their own skills and discover the necessary resources to solve problems. Unfortunately, the expectation by many clients has been for the coach to simply  be the ones to give them  the *“red pill or the blue pill” to take the short cuts to the solution instead of teaching the valuable process of finding it. *Matrix movie reference

2.   Our Ego’s

Many of the problems we face as business owners on a daily basis can be easier to resolve when we get our ‘egos’ remain in check or even out of the way. This has everything to do with the way we manage, defend or otherwise deal with the challenges we face. An inflated ego has the tendency to plug up our eyes and ears to the point where we are limited in our abilities to take objective feedback, discover hidden solutions, or be open minded to doing things differently and thus practice the art of insanity. Not that this is the case, in your situation. Just saying, it may be something to consider if you are finding it hard to accomplish the results you need.

3.   Our Excuses

How many times have you been disappointed or wearied by the excuses of others whom we had counted on to get the best results? Is it possible that we business owners are guilty of the same behavior?

I believe excuses are a verbal expression of a bruised ego trying to protect itself. We know our results do not measure up and our first instinct is to deflect the pain of responsibility off of our selves personally and attach that blame to another exterior element.

It is vital for entrepreneurs to confront those demons of excuses and get them under control. Results are not based solely on market conditions, timing, customer issues or some other external factor.  In my experience as a coach, I have found excuses have been used in many situations a means to buffer blame and become an “emotional anti-depressant” that can keep us from dealing with the real issues. Our time is too valuable to be disrespected by meaningless excuses.

4.   Our Procrastination

Procrastination is all about avoiding pain and protecting ego. Many business owners use procrastination to protect themselves from a sense of pain or discomfort they feel over a particular challenge, situation or task they have to attend to. When we leave things unattended, they actually can get worse or out of control. It becomes a vicious circle with dire consequences that affect the whole professional environment.

Sometimes the pain we feel when dealing with the hard issues is just the thing we need to expand our capacities and competencies. Strength comes by doing!

It is a coach’s job to help you find that painful point, deal with the excuses and reasons for your procrastination. A coach can help you discover the value in what you know so you don’t pull down your own worth because of bad habits. If you don’t believe in that worth, why should anyone else?

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