Welcome to the Everyday Community!

The Everyday Community is an organization focused on helping people create a map for navigating through the calm waters and challenges of life.

We’re here to help you grow in business with Everyday Entrepreneur, in your faith with Everyday Faith and in your life with Everyday People. Founded by James Burgess in 2010, Everyday Communities has grown to become one of Alberta’s most effective organizations for helping people realize their potential and succeed in business and in life.

It all started when ...

James recognized through his business mentoring and coaching that a positive influence was needed within the corporate environments he was working with. As a business coach, James would go into a company and help individuals but he noticed that they needed more than just a one-day workshop to realize the success they desired over the long term.  That was the beginning of his inspiration for creating the Everyday Communities.  As a successful Business Consultant since 2003, James brought the focus of building stronger ethics and character within the corporate culture into the areas of personal development and spiritual growth.    The result is Everyday Communities—a name chosen because success and growth doesn’t just happen in a one day or one week seminar, but rather on an everyday basis within a community with like-minded people looking to achieve similar results.

Our Mission

To build communities of people willing to connect, collaborate, and realize their dynamic life purpose together.

Our Philosophy

Success is Together. The Everyday Community is a concept surrounding the growth of people within specific communities of interest in active membership and contribution with the organization.

Our foundation for future growth is to build communities through membership and services relevant to growing powerful business opportunity and dynamic social interaction on 3 key levels. These three key levels of community are identified as business development, social support with motivational challenge, and spiritual growth focused on a life of generosity.

Our Story

Our Story

Our story
2003 our founder James Burgess began a business that focused on building
stronger ethics and character within the sales process which quickly lead into corporate training engagements where intense work within existing corporate culture was a constant need.

Our research exposed several needs for a continued positive influence within these corporate cultures with a greater need to work with individuals to discover their potential strengths and contributions not yet realized within their current position and frame work.

The frustration for those individuals was the inability to see a prosperous and rewarding future. The frustration on the part of their employers was the discovery that even though they were very good at their chosen profession and role, they were not prepared for the people aspect of building business and the challenges that lie in wait for them on a daily basis.

Over time and many attempts to provide answers and executable solutions for these issues, James discovered that the answer were not always found in a system or policy. Value was realized through appreciation, investment, commitment and a full knowledge of personal purpose.

Everyday Communities has been formed to break through the rigid framework of corporate organization to provide a dynamic personal and professional growth experience for life and business.

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