Everyday Entrepreneur

Everyday Entrepreneur is a Community of Business that is meant to be “inclusive” not “exclusive. We are a dynamic local community of business; developing new potential, access to trusted resources, and continually building opportunity for each other.

We operate on Four Main Principles:

1) To provide a consistent atmosphere for cultivating quality business relationships.

2) We are committed to building up a new generation of entrepreneurial potential.

3) To provide proper resources for continued business growth and health in the lives of our members.

4) To provide support for local business opportunity and initiatives through innovative projects and charitable participation.

Everyday Entrepreneur meets twice a month for 90 minutes to create relationships with dialogue and a format that never runs stagnate.  We share our business experiences with one another, and grow and learn from the challenges and successes that we each encounter.     We also network and build our businesses from the relationships we have with dedicated members of Everyday Entrepreneur and their circles outside of the group.    It’s a great way to do business, to receive advice and to connect with others to grow your company and to help others grow theirs.