Everyday Faith


As a former Pastor, James Burgess created Everyday Faith to be a place where the focus is on real spiritual growth that meets our needs not just one day of the week but everyday.

Everyday Faith focuses on helping members fulfill a generous life of giving as they know and understand God. We are a community based on biblical teaching and prayer and know that our faith extends well beyond the walls of a church and works through our lives everyday.

We meet twice a month and our formal meeting plan is set for 90 minutes. Within this time frame we will begin an active discussion in biblical context for the purpose of providing biblical teaching as it translates into our everyday life.

This is followed by a time of intentional dialogue between community members which focuses on personal stories, insights, and encouragement that arises from the highlighted subject matter. Each member is challenged to personally engage and apply these principles that they have received to usher in greater spiritual growth and personal prosperity.


Everyday Faith is perfect for those who want to reach for more with their faith…and go beyond Sunday mornings.