Everyday People


Let’s face it, life has changed considerably in the last 50 years, even the last 10 years.   We used to know our neighbours, we used to trust people more and have genuine connections but now we live in a world where we don’t trust as much and our communities seem to be getting smaller.  We’ve created Everyday People to bring a sense of community and belonging back into peoples lives.


Everyday People is how a real community is built.    


We’re a life coaching community with members focused on building strong positive relationships and achievement together.   We meet twice a month as a group and experience focused friendship and provide profound guidance and motivation for each other for life.


Everyday People has a simple set of core values.    We believe in living life in full motion and building healthy lives through valued relationships.  We believe in being positive and staying that way through the help of other community members.   We’re here for each other and we are committed to personal success and to the success and well-being of others in our group.


We provide value with modest annual fees for participation and benefits.