Everyday Member
Plans & Benefits
  • Designated connect group access
  • Access to events with discounted member rates
  • Online member Listing
    (Everyday Communities Website)
  • Member Benefits Program access
  • Added Online Business listings
    (RL, Kalast listings)
  • Cross community access
    (Can attend multiple connect groups)
  • 25% off Everyday coaching seminars & Workshops
    (Masters series, Essentials series, Insight conferences)
  • 25% off registration fees for
    Everyday courses
    (INSIGHT course, TAKE FLIGHT Program)
  • All Workshop & Retreat fees included
    (Est. $900 full value)
  • Coaching Direct
    (one-to-one coaching services)
  • ** Per couple pricing available


$100per month
$100per month


$200per month
$200per month


$300per month
$300per month

** GST not included in above prices but will be included upon checkout.